Get Your Credit Straight...NOW

HERE's a great article from the Trulia blog about how to get your credit in order.  At 4MyCash we make hard money loans, so we aren't too concerned about your credit, as our lending is generally based on the property's valuation.  However, it is important for you as a business owner to work towards perfecting your credit as much as you're able.  

There are times we won't lend you every dollar required to complete a project.  There are times when your construction funds borrowed from us won't be enough to complete your project.  Sometimes it makes greater financial sense to use a line of credit rather than borrow from us.  We want our borrowers to be successful, regardless of whether they choose to borrow all of the funds we're willing to lend to complete their work. 

Working on improving your credit isn't a project in and of itself.  It's something that should be worked on all the time and regardless of whether you are trying to borrow at that time.  Start planning now so that you can take advantage of your superior credit score when it's needed.